2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


Scheduled safety inspections by internal and independent external auditors are conducted at many levels. Depending on the findings, actions to further safety improvement are planned and implemented.

Periodic audits are carried out by:

  • The GHSESD in order to diffuse experience, knowledge  and good safety practices   among Group’s refineries and subsidiaries.
    In 2015, new scheduled safety audits were conducted   as always on process safety in refineries, marketing companies as well as Diaxon, while special emphasis was given to the follow-up of pending ions from previous audits in industrial facilities BEA, BEE, ΒΕΘ.
  • Τhe  management and engineers,  from different units of an industrial facility, aiming, directly, to identify and correct unsafe behaviors and indirectly to the effective participation of staff executives to improve safety. In fact one safety visit takes place, per week, at each production unit.
  • The Departments for Health, Safety and Environment at each facility.
  • Special facility’s committee.
  • Independent, internationally recognized and experienced inspectors (third party auditors), on company’s invitation; or experts of companies providing insurance coverage to Group’s industrial installations.
  • The relevant authorities for major accident prevention (SEVESO inspections).

Emergency Drills

Coordinated Fire Drills, in collaboration of the internal and public Fire Brigade and other relevant authorities, were successfully conducted at all Group’s industrial complexes, based on specific emergency scenarios.

Emergency drills also take place at port facilities based on safety and oil spill emergency response scenarios. Some drills are also based on rescue scenarios from confined spaces or elevated points of work.









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