2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


At HELLENIC PETROLEUM, we actively recognize the valuable contribution our people make to the Group's development through a comprehensive compensation and benefits system.

Our compensation programs are designed to recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments and the value that they bring to the Group. The Group is committed to providing competitive pay programs that are designed to help attract, retain and motivate the key talent that we need to succeed in all aspects of our business. The payroll policy is determined by taking into consideration new trends and conditions that apply throughout the economy and Greek society.

Although employees’ benefits vary by company and country, medical plans, life insurance for total or partial disability, retirement income benefits, crèche allowances, etc. are provided to every employee. All employees’ benefits and policies are presented at http://sustainabilityreport2015.helpe.gr/en/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/, indicator G4-EC1, and, in 2015, exceeded €20 m.


The average employee retention rate (loyalty indicator) over the same period was 96.3% (indicator G4-LA1, at http://sustainabilityreport2015.helpe.gr/en/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/).

Additional insurance (life & health) and pension plans cover 99.5% and 88% respectively of employees (averages). All employees are subject to and participate in an annual performance review in order to assess their performance and plan for further knowledge and skills development.

In 2015, all employees (Group’s average 95.49%) were evaluated according to the standard evaluation system.
For further information (detailed information per Group company), see indicator G4-LA11, at http://sustainabilityreport2015.helpe.gr/en/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/.




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