2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


The main objective of HELLENIC PETROLEUM remains the continuous improvement of environmental performance in areas such as, the reduction of the environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, the rational management of natural resources in the production process and their contribution in tackling the problem of climate change by improving energy efficiency.

With the completion of the significant investment for upgrading and modernizing the Elefsina refinery in 2013 (preceded that of the Thessaloniki refinery in 2011), HELLENIC PETROLEUM poses 2014 as base year for improving their environmental performance.

Indicatively, long-term environmental goals in key priority areas for the Group and refineries (as main productive activity) are presented below:

  • 5% reduction of tn CO2 emissions / tn crude oil supply  ratio by 2020
    The tn CO2 emissions/tn crude oil supply ratio was reduced in 2015 as a result of the Aspropyrgos refinery’s shutdown period according to the general maintenance plan and the increased capacity utilization of Elefsina refinery. The energy efficiency projects‘ contribution (those completed and those scheduled for next year) is expected to be quantified next year and till the end of the current period, when the index will be reevaluated in comparison to the target set. 
  • 250,000 tn CO2 reduction of the Group's carbon footprint through investment in Renewable Energy Sources - RES (minimum 100MW power) by 2025.

With respect to the investments on renewables that have been completed and are in full operation, it is estimated that carbon footprint has already been reduced at about 20,000 tons of CO2.  


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