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Ever since 2005, HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group has published an annual Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility Report, the objective of which is to improve communication and share information with the company’s social partners (stakeholders).

This year’s 11th annual edition presents the Group’s business performance, taking into account economic, environmental and social perspectives from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015.

Our corporate responsibility approach is aligned with the Group’s mission and values and articulates how we see our responsibilities in the areas of health and safety, ethical and transparent business practices, environmentally sustainable operations, a sound working environment and value creation for our shareholders.

The data in this Report is consolidated at a Group level, with minor exceptions in certain areas. Specific environmental indicators are presented in detail for each of the Group’s business units.

In terms of the selection of the Group’s companies included in this Report, we took into account (a) the list of companies included in the Group’s consolidated financial statement (see Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2015, p. 165–168, at http://www.helpe.gr/userfiles/8ea1f0cb-9e62-48e4-b947-a27b00fb14bb/BoD%20Report-2015-ENG-NEW_1.pdf) and (b) the relevant materiality assessment complemented with a set of selection criteria (such as participation and control, impacts and risks, sales, number of employees). The result is presented in the following Table; the information and data contained in this Report refers only to these 10 companies within the Group.

Group’s companies presented in the Report


2. ΕΚΟ S.A.










G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (Comprehensive Level, third party verification). To view an analytical presentation of the G4 indicators, go to      http://sustainabilityreport2015.helpe.gr/en/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/
A relevant table briefly presenting G4 indicators can also be found in Appendix I of this Report.

UNGC criteria (Advanced Level, third party verification) can be found at http://sustainabilityreport2015.helpe.gr/en/operational-efficiency-performance/entries-cop/, where our actions regarding the 24 criteria of the UNGC are presented in detail, (Communication in Progress report, COP).
A relevant table briefly presenting the 24 criteria can also be found in Appendix II of this Report.

The specific GRI’s supplement for Oil & Gas Sector (third party verification) can be found at http://sustainabilityreport2015.helpe.gr/en/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/, while a brief presentation of these indicators can be viewed in Appendix I of this Report.

All of the indicators, measurement units, quantities and sizes — referred to in the report — correspond to measurements and data that have been recorded using the best available practices, internationally accepted standards and international oil industry codes.

No changes in measurement methods in relation to either previous reports or any revisions of information included in previous publications have been made. Additionally, unless otherwise stated, no further limitations, exceptions, reviews or changes exist.

Material Issues and Relevant Activities 

Environment 2015 Material Issues Report's Chapters-Actions/Relevant GRI-G4 indicator
Hazardous Waste

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter, "Air Emissions & Waste" section.
G4 Indicators: ΕΝ2, EN3, ΕΝ10, ΕΝ22, ΕΝ23, ΕΝ25

Use of energy (Non-RES)

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter, "Energy & Climate change", "Climate change & Energy Efficiency" sections.
G4 Indicators: EN3, ΕΝ4, ΕΝ5, ΕΝ6, ΕΝ7 and DMA: Energy

Use of energy (RES)

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter, "RES" section.
G4 Indicators:EN3, ΟG2, ΟG3 

CO2  - SO2 - NOx - VOC and Particulate Matter Emissions

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter, "Air Emissions & Waste" section.
G4 Indicators: EN15-21 and DMA: GHG emissions

Water Consumption

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter, "Water and other resources management" section.
G4 Indicators: EN8, ΕΝ9, ΕΝ10 

Effluent Handling

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter,"Air Emissions & Waste", "Ecosystems and Biodiversity" sections.
G4 Indicators: EN22, ΕΝ23, ΕΝ25 

Oil Spills & Leakages

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter, "Air Emissions & Waste", "Ecosystems and Biodiversity" sections.
G4 Indicators: EN11, ΕΝ12, ΕΝ13, ΕΝ24 and DMA: Biodiversity

Product Impact

"Environment, Energy & Climate change" chapter, "Installations Certifications" section.
"Business Partners" chapter, "Quality of Products and Services" section.
G4 Indicators: EN7, EN11-14, ΕΝ26, ΕΝ27, PR1-3 and DMA: Product Impact

Environmental Protection Investments

"Financial Performance" chapter, "Our Performance" section.
G4 Indicator: EN31 

Shareholders Corporate Governance

"Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance" chapter, "Corporate Governance" section.
G4 Indicators" 34-55 

Supply Security

"Business Partners" chapter, "Supply Chain-Responsible Buying" secton.
Indicator G4-12 and DMA: Supply Security

Operational Continuity DMA: Operational Continuity
Employees Job Position Security

"Human Capital" chapter.
G4 Indicators: G4-10, G4-11, EC5, LA1, LA2 and DMA: Job Position Security 

Equality & Fairness

"Human Capital" chapter, "Remuneraton & Benefits", "Harmonizaton of family and professional life", "Work Environment", "Equal Opportunities Policy-Human Rights" sections.
G4 Indicators: LA13, HR3 and DMA: Equality & Fairness 

Occupational Health & Safety

"Human Capital" chapter, "Occupational Health & Safety" section.
G4 Indicators: LA5-8, and DMA: Occupational Health & Safety. 

Work Environment

"Human Capital" chapter, "Occupational Health & Safety", "Harmonizaton of family and professional life", "Work Environment" sections. 
G4 Indicators: LA1-16 and DMAs: Occupational Health & Safety and Work Environment. 

Suppliers Responsible Buying

"Business Parners" chapter, "Supply Chain-Responsible Bying" section.
"Society" chapter, "Local Communities" section.
G4 Indicators" G4-12, G4- EC9 and DMA: Procurement Practices. 

Operational Support DMAs: Operational Continuity and Procurement Practices.
Supplier Assessment

"Business Parners" chapter, "Supply Chain-Responsible Bying" section.
G4 Indicators: ΕΝ32-33, LA14-15, HR4-6, HR10-11, SO9-10 and DMAs: Supplier Assessment and Procurement Practices.

Society Community Engagement and Partnerships


Accident Impact

"Human Capital" chapter, "Occupational Health & Safety" section.
DMA: Accident Impact. 

Health Screening

"Human Capital" chapter, "Occupational Health & Safety" section.
G4 Indicator: LA6 and DMA: Health Screening

Readers of this Report may also find more comprehensive financial and operational information concerning the Group in the 2015 Annual Report, (http://www.helpe.gr/userfiles/8ea1f0cb-9e62-48e4-b947-a27b00fb14bb/AR_EN-SITE-310516.pdf), the Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2015 (http://www.helpe.gr/userfiles/8ea1f0cb-9e62-48e4-b947-a27b00fb14bb/BoD%20Report-2015-ENG-NEW_1.pdf ) as well as the Group’s website www.helpe.gr/en/.

In 2015, the Group adopted the Greek Sustainability Code ,which is based on 20 Criteria  (categorized into four pylons) and, in essence, responds to the need for measuring organizations’ economic-environmental and social impact. The Greek Sustainability Code is one of the tools developed under the framework of the initiative named “Sustainable Greece 2020”, the objective of which is to create policies and strategies on Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. The initiative looks through an extended dialogue to help promote sustainable development and to support the operational and institutional bodies of our country with practical tools and methodologies. The initiative’s strategic goal is also to develop a systematic Dialogue and the creation of methodologies and tools that can support national efforts towards Sustainable Development, on both a micro and macroeconomic level.

A relevant table presenting the Report’s compliance with the Greek Sustainability Code is presented in Appendix IIΙ of this Report.


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