2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


The objective is to optimize customer satisfaction, through placing a further emphasis on the customer and creating value for all stakeholders. In this context, the Group provides a set of support programs and activities to its customers and partners, to improve the business environment and working conditions, while ensuring for a competitive advantage.

In order to keep customers (service stations, drivers, etc.) both informed and satisfied, various, diversified actions are designed and implemented, such as regular meetings, consulting services and training. Additionally, COMO type service stations are rationalized and performance improvement objectives are set.

The Group's marketing companies, aiming at product quality and customer satisfaction have:

  • Established and implemented, at all service stations operating under their brands, a Fuels Quality Control and Calibration of Measuring Equipment program in cooperation with the Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory of the NTUA
  • Use special vehicles equipped with fuel analyzers, staffed by the Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory of the NTUA. These vehicles perform on-site fuel quality control and fuel-pumps calibration tests, in order to ensure the quality and quantity of fuel delivered to the end user (consumer).

Customer Satisfaction

Regular inspections are conducted at the Group’s petrol stations to measure how effective the implementation of directives on safety, operation and service have been. There are also established avenues that facilitate the communication of customers’ views and established mechanisms to ensure for proper feedback.

With the implementation of approaches and actions such as the "mystery motorist", a thorough audit takes place in service stations whereby the level of service and the implementation of operation specifications are checked. Specifically, 59 check-points divided into six areas (space & equipment, service level, safety, shop, dress, sanitary facilities) are audited.

Along with "mystery motorist" daytime visits, respective audits also take place at the service stations during the night. The check-points and evaluation criteria remain the same as our key objective is to ensure that our customers also receive the optimum levels of service during night shifts.

The audits’ results are monitored, per service station and sales representative, and communicated to EKO & HF’s Marketing Division so that service stations owners can be notified of any corrective measures that may need to be implemented.

Overall 6,042 visits to service stations were conducted during 2015 through the program, whereby each service station was audited by the "mystery motorist" 4-12 times a year.
Every year, the "mystery motorist" program culminates with awards for the best service station (awards include service stations being given service station equipment and various other gifts).

Customer opinion surveys assess customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as service station employees’ performance and satisfaction. Where appropriate, specific qualitative and quantitative surveys are used  for specific issues, such as the presentation of the success of a marketing plan or a communication campaign.

Round the Clock Service

To better serve and meet the needs of our customers, EKO and HF operate 24-hour telephone service lines. Any concerns, questions, thanks, congratulations or complaints that EKO’s or HF’s customers may have can be answered and solved directly by qualified personnel. Any issues that cannot be directly and verbally answered and addressed are recorded in a database and the resolving process begins immediately.

In 2015, HF’s helpline received 1,161 calls (of which 966 were directly answered by qualified personnel, whilst 195 calls were resolved by the Group’s staff within 24 hours). Similarly, EKO’s specially trained colleagues received 4,132 calls (of which 2, 643 calls were directly answered whilst 1,489 calls were resolved by the Group’s staff within 24 hours).


Petrol Stations Reward Program - Retail Championship 

The "Retail Championship", which is in its 6th year, aims to assess the performance of EKO’s service stations and the respective EKO sales representatives (in Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia) and OKTA, in FYROM. A relevant evaluation also takes place in Greece for HF’s service stations.
The participants (managers, station owners, sales staff) are evaluated and rewarded according to particular, quantifiable criteria which aim to ensure that service stations operate safely, that customer service is efficient and that annual operational targets are achieved.
In 2015, as in previous years, an award ceremony for the Retail Champions of 2014 was held. 40 service stations and the respective 40 inspectors, from all countries, were awarded.


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