2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report



HELLENIC PETROLEUM is voluntarily exploring the potential use of bioethanol as a gasoline component through a relevant research program conducted in cooperation with the Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens. This research program is investigating the pilot introduction of bioethanol, as a raw material for bio-ETBE (ethyl-tertio-butyl-ether) production which will be used as a component in gasoline. N.B. Bioethanol can either be blended directly or as an ingredient with gasoline and can be used in conventional gasoline vehicles.

Biofuels are the only direct substitute for fossil fuels currently available on a large scale for transport fuels. Their use contributes to more environmentally friendly transport, without any further need for major modifications required in vehicles and distribution networks. Biodiesel, as a fuel that possesses properties similar to those of diesel, can be used in most conventional diesel vehicles.

Biodiesel received and used as a conventional diesel additive.

Year Biodiesel (m3) % v/v in diesel
2006 46,580 2.01
2007 79,010 3.65
2008 62,788 3.04
2009 68,961 3.84
2010 108,063 6.39
2011 78,623 6.37
2012 100,993 6.49
2013 101,269 6.73
2014 112,891 7.00
2015 112,680 7.00

Renewable Energy Sources (R.E.S.)

HELPE Renewables 100% owned by HELPE is the company developing the RES portfolio of HELPE. A total of 1,4 MW of photovoltaic (P/V) stations installed on HELPE Group property and a 7 MW Wind park at Pylos, Messinia, are already in operation.

In addition, three photovoltaic projects are at various development stages, with a total installed power of 11.6 MW.  and five 25 MW biomass projects using  agricultural residues as source of energy are under development. Another 7 PV on EKO and BP petrol stations have been approved by the DSO. These have been submitted under the recently launched Low Voltage Net-Metering program. At the same time Medium Voltage Net-Metering investments are considered for the various ELPE Group installations and Fuel Terminals.

Moreover, in cooperation with LARCO, a portfolio of 143 MW of photovoltaic, wind and hybrid projects is also under development.

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