2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


In ensuring a balance between our employees’ professional and social life, we acknowledge the following benefits that promote a holistic professional and personal life relationship:

  • Improved cooperation among employees and reduced relations related problems
  • Greater employee and customer loyalty 
  • Reduced sickness absences
  • Enhanced reputation in the marketplace
  • Higher levels of teamwork and collegiality
  • Adoption of innovative organizational structures and synergies.

Today’s professionals are not only interested in professionally challenging work and the opportunity to contribute to company goals, but also in finding work environments that are flexible to the needs of their personal lives and interests. In other word, they seek and desire work-life integration.

With this in mind, the Group has developed work-life integration programs that are not only innovative but meet the needs of today’s talent and employee pools, while enhancing our reputation as an employer of choice.

In this framework, various indicative corporate policies provide for:

  • Flexible working hours for administative staff
  • Open door policy between management and employees
  • Free provision of light meals for all employees
  • A free shuttle service from/to work enabling employees to save on transportation costs and commuting times whilst also reducing theri carbon footprint.
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