2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


The Group’s objective is to create value in all of its business activities for all stakeholders (social partners). Respect both towards the environment and human beings contributes to the company’s reputation and ensures for its “social license’’ to operate. The determination of the material issues, which is the result of a continuous engagement with stakeholders, ensures for the effective information and participation of society as well as support and contribution to further economic development.

The Group is committed to creating value through business and social activities. This added value - the social product – is addressed to all stakeholders and contributes to the broader economic growth of our country.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM defines its social product as the financial contribution that is made towards our key stakeholders excluding its consumers/suppliers.

The Group makes significant investments, retains a considerable number of employment positions and contributes to the improvement of the economy in the countries that it operates in through the indirect impact that it has on growth, employment and national product. As a result of its activities, the Group also collects and pays indirect taxes (excise duties and VAT).

Finally, the Group’s contribution to society as a whole through targeted interventions, within the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility, was substantial in which an emphasis was placed on socially vulnerable groups and supporting the young generation.

In 2015, the Group’s turnover was €7,303 m (2014: €9,478 m) while the social product amounted to €1.4bn (2014: €1,8bn) and was distributed as follows:

  •  €181m paid to staff (salaries and social benefits)
  •  €70m paid directly to the Greek State through direct taxes and insurance contributions, as well as
  • €1.1bn of indirect taxes (excise duties, VAT) collected and delivered to the Greek State
  • €3.2m given back to society through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • €220m in retained earnings and €433m in reserves

The Group’s Awards & Distinctions

Over the years, the Group has received numerous awards and recognition for its comprehensive approach to corporate responsibility. The ‘’Indicative Awards & Distinctions in 2015’’ Table below presents a selection of the awards and recognition that we received in 2015. These awards and prizes signify the recognition of the policy and strategy that have been built on the three axes of sustainable development: financial performance - environmental management - respect towards society.

Indicative Awards & Distinctions in 2015

Quality Net Foundation-Bravo Sustainability Awards Distinction in the Bravo in Action category-Program: "Energy for life Travels"

Distinction in the Bravo Environment category-Best Sustainable Development Practice: Optimizing envrionment performance, increased employment and competitiveness due to Elefsina refinery modernization project.
Corporate Responsibility Institure-CR Index

Platinum Distinction CR Index 2014

Platinum Prize Best Progress

Energy Mastering Awards 2015-Plant Management, Boussias Communications

Gold Award in the Energy Efficiency Category

Gold Award in the Cogeneration (Combined) Heat & Power category

Waste & Recycling Awards 2015-Plant Management, Boussias communications Gold Award in the Circular Economy category
Active Business Publishing-Active Greece Awards 2015 Distinvtion in the extroversion category
Corporate Affairs Division-Hellenic Management Association 1st Prize in the category for Corporate Communication with: "Paving the Way to Extroversion-The expansion of communication channels to and from the external environmet"
Corporate Affairs Division-Hellenic Management Association Special Distinction for the best use of KPI's
HOPE Foundation Contribution made towards children and teenagers suffering from cancer
CSR for ALL, a project created by the European Union Delegation in FYROM and implemented  in the country by the Business Federation Award for best CSR practice
National Coordinative Body for CSR and the Ministry of Economy Honorary Plague for "Contribution to Society"
Institute of sea biology-Kotor Project "Final survey of marine caves including monk seal habitats in Montenegro"
Press Auto Club Bulgaria Award: "The best Petrol Chain of the Year 2015"
Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum Award for Group's CSR Initiative "Corporate Marketing with Cause"
Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce Leader in the category "Top 50 companies classified on the alteration of the financial results 2013-2012"
ICAP Bulgaria True Leader 2014 in Fuel Retail Award


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