2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report



For HELPE Group, Sustainable development is the key for addressing the challenges in energy and climate change with a view to achieve the short and long term goals of energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse (GHG) gases. The strategy for sustainable development is fully implemented in the selection, design and implementation of the investment strategy of the Group.

In the environmental field, we invest in preventing and minimizing the impact on the environment by implementing appropriate measures and Best Available Techniques, practices and technologies across the product life cycle, from the design of the production scheme and the possible implementation of pollution abatement technology to the final consumption of final products - fuels.
Our contribution in reducing the climate change impact is focused on the optimization of energy management, energy saving and utilization of renewable energy sources.

By constantly improving the production process and our environmental footprint, we steadily come closer to our main goals:

  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • Increased energy and natural resources efficiency
  • reduction of GHG emissions.

The systematic monitoring of developments in technological field, environmental legislation and the active participation in the relevant information and consultation processes, contribute significantly to the realization of the Group’s strategy towards sustainable development; along with targeted environmental and energy saving investments as well as extensive environmental education programs. All the above have resulted in remarkable performance achievements in areas such as reduction of air emissions, efficient management of water and waste, energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint.

The completion, in previous years, of the two major modernization - upgrading projects of the Elefsina and Thessaloniki refineries, amounting to € 2.1billion, which essentially strengthen the sustainable development planning, contributing to the improvement of the environmental footprint and the competitiveness of the Group and to the increase of the employment and the local development.

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