2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


Customer service, along with protecting the environment, constitute two parameters which are closely connected to all of our products and apply to the Group’s production and marketing of high-quality petroleum products, petrochemicals and lubricants.

We make every effort to produce environmentally friendly products whilst also taking end users’ health into consideration. We consistently strive to meet the requirements of our customers, through creating mutual trust and seeking customer satisfaction, from the product’s entry onto the market all the way through to the end of its use.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM, through its subsidiaries, is operational in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and FYROM. Exports are also made to all major markets in S.E. Europe.

The Group meets the needs of all domestic customers (industry, transport, shipping, aviation, etc.)  and is active in retail and wholesale sales in both the domestic as well as international markets. Apart from the sales of fuels and lubricants, through its network of petrol stations, a wide range of other services, both within and outside Greece, are provided.

Percentage of sales by product for each of the Group’s companies






Unleaded gasoline 95 octane 15.54% 39.54% 19.96% 9.4% 10.5% 31.2% 13.6%
Unleaded gasoline 98 octane     5.40% 1.6%   2.0% 2.8%
Unleaded gasoline 100 octane 0.90% 2.32%     1.1%    
Automotive gas oil 24.78% 34.38% 54.79% 62.3% 54.8% 27.3% 64.3%
Heating gas oil 8.67% 20.00%   5.5% 1.0% 9.4% 5.3%
Marine fuel 5.47%         13.5%  
Lubricants 0.52% 0.02% 0.01%     0.2% 0.3%
Kerosene 0.14% 0.01%       1.2%  
Mazout (fuel oil) 24.57% 0.95%   12% 0.5% 3.8%  
Bitumen 1.59% 0.62%   0.3% 8%    
LPG 2.86% 2.15% 20.04% 4.1% 16% 5.5% 1.6%
Jet A1 14.97%     4.9% 7% 5.9% 12.2%
Other (methane)         1%    

In Greece, the Group operates a network of 1,700 petrol stations. Major axes of the Group’s focused competitiveness improvement is the optimization of operations and further increasing the value offered to the consumer, through offering innovative products and high quality services at competitive prices. The above Table presents the 2015 "product mix" in the domestic and international markets, where the Group's subsidiaries operate.

Is a fuel marketing company that supplies the Cypriot market (consumers and businesses) with EKO’s products (fuels and lubricants) through a network of 86 service stations. The total volume of sales is broken down as: retail (through service stations) 60.5%, commercial and industrial customers 14.4%, LPG customers 5.5%, international customers 19.4% (marine fuel 13.5% & aviation fuel 5.9%) and lubricants 0.2%.

It has a service stations network comprised of 53 petrol stations (COMO type) and 2 DODO type service stations, covering 7.4% of domestic needs, which is 5% of the domestic market based on the number of petrol stations. The volume of sales is broken down into 12.46% wholesale and 87.54% retail.

It covers approximately 64% of the domestic market (FYROM). In addition, its significant storage capacity serves as a safety mechanism for the uninterrupted supply of fuel in the markets where it operates (mainly FYROM & Kosovo and secondarily in Serbia, Montenegro and Albania). It is also a major exporter and significant employer of transportation, logistics and engineering services. The OKTA retail unit currently has 27 petrol stations, which amounts to approximately 9% of the domestic retail share, based on the total number of petrol stations in the country. OKTA’s retail has a retail market share of approximately 10%, based on retail sale volume.

Its service station network covers 90%, in geographical terms, of the country's retail market, while the respective market share in wholesale is 100%. The retail market share is 9.7% (85 petrol stations supported by 2 owned LPG facilities, a rented one for light fuels, and 27 leased car-washing facilities).

It has a retail market share of 52% and, based on the number of service stations, a market share of 41% in Montenegro. Its service network is comprised of 38 petrol stations, 3 yacht services facilities, one light fuel depot located in Bar and two aviation fuel depots in Tivat and Podgorica.

It is active, primarily, in the production and marketing of polypropylene film (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, or BOPP). Its products are 33% exported.

DIAXON’s sales breakdown by type of film:



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