2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


The Group’s provisions and responsible attitude towards society, given the ongoing recession in Greece, was directed towards two main areas, namely socially vulnerable groups and youth. These actions were mainly addressed to local communities, where the Group operates in, and the wider society.

The implementation of our actions in local communities is supported by ongoing communication and dialogue with the authorities and bodies from neighboring regions, as well as from public opinion surveys and debates which gives us the opportunity to listen to the people who live in the areas where we operate. The results of the these practices are assessed and go on to redefine our future activities.

In the near future, we will focus on areas where there is greater social demand, one of these being the refugees issue, contributing, in this way, to enhancing social solidarity, mutual support and volunteerism as a response to the changing mentalities plaguing our society.

The Group’s multi-faceted program of activities in Greece and abroad, in addition to the two aforementioned main pillars, supports actions related to infrastructure works and improving life quality, as well as programs regarding the environment, culture and sports. The extent of our commitment to society includes a large number of CSR activities, where the Group invests, respecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development.


Socially Vulnerable Groups

  • Donating heating oil to schools, bodies and NGOs
  • Supporting the "social groceries" program run in neighbouring municipalities
  • Supporting NGOs, institutions and charitable organisations
  • Hosting children from destitute families from neighbouring municipalities in summer camps
  • Supporting the summertime "keeping busy" program for children with disabilities from neighboring municipalities
  • Supporting the Church’s charitable program

Youth & Academic Community

  • Granting awards to outstanding students from neighbouring municipalities on their admission toUniversities/Colleges.
  • Giving scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad
  • Giving scholarships in cooperation with educational institutions
  • Providing lectures on skills development for young people from neighboring municipalities
  • Hosting educational visits at the Group's facilities
  • Supporting youth participation in competitions and training programs
  • Employment Opportunities/Traineeships/Internships
  • Enhancing school facilities/donations of educational material
  • Environmental training program "The Energy for Life...is travelling" for school children in remote areas


  • Supporting cultural events
  • Enhancing libraries/books donations
  • Restoration study of "Telesterion" (theater and worship site) at Elefsina


  • Supporting sport teams
  • Supporting major major athletic events
  • Supporting outperforming athletes/distinctions/paralympians

Infrastructure & Environment

  • Road paving/asphalting works in neighboring municipalities
  • Medical equipment for the Triassic Hospital
  • Donation of refuse truck to the Municipality of Megara
  • Construction of playground at 1st & 6th kindergartens in Ampelokipi – MenemeniMunicipality
  • Prepaid cards for free purchasing of fuels for fire fighting vehicles
  • Cleaning Initiatives on World Environment Day
  • Maintenance of environmental stations in neighbouring municipalities


The Group participates in and supports the European Pact4Youth initiative, which brings together operators, NGOs and companies, in order to strengthen the new generation in vocational training and education, apprenticeship/traineeship programs and support mobility for both new learners and teachers/trainers. Support and training of the younger generation is an investment in the future and adds value to the Group as these actions enable young people to acquire skills and perspective to cope as well as face possible future challenges.

Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad

Addressed to young people from all over Greece, wishing to attend full-time studies, for a maximum of two years, leading to a Postgraduate Degree, the program seeks to support excellent students who want to enrich their knowledge with a specialization in three areas: Engineering, Economics & Management and Research & Exploitation of Hydrocarbons. The program is in its fourth year and, to date, 22 scholarships to internationally recognized universities have been awarded.

Energy for Life ... is travelling

This environmental awareness program visits remote areas in Greece and  is addressed to students and residents of those areas in relation to issues such as: respect and preservation of environmental heritage, sustainable development as well as energy and natural resources management methods.

NGOs, museums, cultural groups, foundations, institutions and organizations with ecological interests or who are involved in environmental protection cooperate in the organization of these workshops. Infrastructure projects, organized tours, donations of heating oil and bicycles have all been  implemented in the context the program. The program which has been up and running now for three consecutive years has visited 34 remote areas in cooperation with 15 NGOs, while 3,400 students have attended the workshops.

Heating Oil

The Group, has for several years now, been providing heating oil to schools in neighboring municipalities, in Thriassio and Western Thessaloniki, as well as to other bodies and institutions that host children with special needs.  As part of its efforts to give children  a welcoming and warm environment, more than 1.3 million liters of heating oil have been donated over the last five years.

Social Groceries Programs

The Group, over the last four years, has tangibly demonstrated solidarity towards members of society who are most in need. In order to meet the growing needs, generated in recent years due to the recession, we have directly  supported socially vulnerable groups through providing further support to Communities’ Administrations initiatives, such as the Social Grocery initiative. Specifically, we provide monthly support for Social Groceries initiatives in neighboring municipalities (Triassic and Western Thessaloniki) through offering supermarket vouchers to support families and individuals in need.

Infrastructure Projects

For years, we have actively participated in the efforts made by the residents of Thriassion and West Thessaloniki for a better everyday life. In cooperation with Local Authorities and local organizations, we contribute so that the cities around us can become beautiful, clean and human. The Group donates asphalt supporting a series of maintenance works and infrastructure building, donates various types of vehicles and garbage containers. It has also helped in creating playgrounds which feature a wide variety of recreational facilities, thereby safely meeting the needs of local children.


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