2015 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


In 2015, total investment in Corporate Responsibility actions abroad amounted to €433,431. From the large number of these actions, which the Group either participated in or supported, indicative examples, per country, are illustrated below illustrating our far- reaching commitment.


  • Donation of medical equipment made to the Intensive Care department at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje.
  • Sponsorships provided to health and care organizations (such as: The Center for Down syndrome – Skopje, Association for support of people with rare diseases – Wilson, Red Cross of Skopje). 
  • Christmas gifts given to children with special needs from the “Zlatan Sremac”& “Idnina” schools as well as the "St. Naum Ohridski" special education and rehabilitation high school.
  • Sponsorships for the organization of cultural and athletic events (such as the Ohrid Summer festival, Macedonian Federation, Greek community in Skopje events).
  • Financial support given to educational initiatives such as the YMCA (the organization of a summer camp for young leaders, with the aim of strengthening their communications skills, breaking through cultural barriers and promoting volunteerism), the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy-Skopje (organizing the "Nanomaterials-materials of the future" state run competition), the NGO "Go Green" (awarding the winner for the best essay titled "Innovations and entrepreneurship in a time of energy transition",  covering transportation expenses to the Conference for climate change. COY11 held in Paris and the summer camp for climate change in Ohrid).  


  • Sponsoring the organization of informative, cultural, sports and educational events (such as the PHAETHON educational program on road safety, the “Μousiki stin Platia’’ musical event, the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation’s Save Energy seminar, the  F.M.W. economic conference, events for children in need attending the “YOUTH STARS’’ basketball academy).
  • Providing a mobile medical unit, staffed by qualified personnel which made visits to EKO service stations throughout Cyprus providing free tests (blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels) where participants received on the spot test results and instructions.
  • A group of volunteers from EKO participated, together with volunteers from the "ELPIDA" Foundation for children with cancer and leukemia, in the 9th International Marathon (corporate 5km Road) that took place in Limassol to financially support the Foundation.
  • Financial support given to various social organizations and vulnerable groups (such as the Red Cross, the Halcyonides Association, foundations of St George & M. Tamasiou for the care of children/adults with special needs, the ELPIDA Foundation for children with cancer and leukemia, food donations for people in need at the Christmas “Papamithoupoli”).


  • Financial support provided to bodies (such as the Greek Embassy, the Economic Chamber, the “Vida Matjan” Conservatory, the MNE forum and the Municipality of Bijelo Polje) for the organization of cultural events and conferences.
  • Sponsoring the Marine Biology Institute for the “survey of marine caves including monkseal habitats in cape’’ project.
  •  Fuel donations made to the: Podgorica Paraplegic Association, the Committee for the reconstruction of the church of St. Ilija, Voluica, Bar, the Paraplegic association of Kotor, and the "Primorac" Water polo club, to support their work.
  • Sponsoring and support provided for sports and cultural events.
  • Donation of equipment (furniture, printers, PCs) to educational institutions and foundations such as the “JU Gimnazija’’ Kotor, “JU Osnovna škola’’, “Ivo Visin“,“Narodni heroj Savo Ilić“,“Njegos’’, “JU Kulturni centar’’,“Nikola Đurković’’, “Opština Rožaje’’, Day Care Centres for children with disabilities in Podgorica, Cetinje, Niksic, the Center for youth and children ‘’Ljubovic’’ and the Elementary School ’’Nikola Djurkovic’’ in Lastva Grbaljska.
  • Coverage of all expenses (accommodation, transportation, pocket money) for holidays in Halkidiki for 20 children from the ’’Mladost” Children’s Orphanage in Bijela.
  • Financial support given to the Podgorica Children’s Hospital (Christmas gifts given to children) and the Gorica Park Nature Lovers Association to build a children’s playground.


  • Sponsoring sports clubs and events (such as the EKO Association Sport club Racing Team, Auto-Tzar Rally Service, “Team of hope” – football team made up of homeless people, Professional Football Club).
  • Financial support given to the Hellenic Business Council and the Bulgarian Media Association to organize events.
  • Donations given for the monthly support of children with autism (Tacitus), to the orphanage Vidrare and for children’s summer vacations attending St. Nikola.


  • Financial support provided for the humanitarian and charitable work of foundations and organizations (such as the charity events organized by the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, the Red Cross for the support of refugees and needy children, the Humanitarian Organisation for children with special needs and the ‘’BELhospice’’ Charity Organisation that provides palliative care to cancer patients).
  • Sponsorships supporting sports clubs and events (such as ASK Sport, the Football Association of Serbia, the Olympic committee οf Serbia).
  • Sponsorships supporting cultural events (such as the Festival of children’s music "Carolija",  the International Music Festival, the "Musicology" festival).













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